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Thoughtless, by SC Stephens - A Review

I started reading the SC Stephens Conversion series of 3 books as free ebooks on my iPhone (downloaded from Feedbooks) after reading the Nicky Charles Law of the Lycans series (Nicky recommended SC Stephens). I loved the Conversion series and read all 3 ebooks in a week.

Afterwards, fresh out of free ebooks about vampires (sad face) and werewolves,  I read Thoughtless. (This book is available from Amazon - Thoughtless by SC Stephens). It's fresh in my mind so I'm doing this review first and will then come back and tell you all about the Law of the Lycans Series (The Mating, The Keeping, The Finding) and about the Conversion Series (I love this series and can't wait for a 4th book to come out!)

For now, here's what I thought about Thoughtless.

Kiera - Kiera is in university and has only had 1 serious relationship with Denny, her Aussie boyfriend, who's sweet, smart, and ambitious.

Denny - Denny is an Aus in the USA getting his education and he's really smart so has gotten an amazing internship opportunity. Denny's doting girlfriend transfers schools so she can follow.

Kellan Kyle - Sigh. He's dreamy. I picture him as alternating between looking like Jason Lewis (from Sex and the City) and Johnny Resznik (from the Goo Goo Dolls).
Not sure what SC Stephens was going for but that's my Kellan.....

The book is about a love triangle and the scenes are heart wrenching and vivid. The sex scenes are incredibly HOT and STEAMY (and yummy). Kiera is cheating on Denny with his best friend and their roommate, the gorgeous, sexual man whore, and pained Kellan --- an up and coming Seattle rocker who is gaining traction with his band D-Bags (short for Douche Bags). As much as most people hate the thought of cheating...the way the relationship builds for Kiera and Kellan is enthralling and you can see how she'd get swept off her feet by him. There are times when it's innocent and so sweet you could almost get a toothache from it and times when there's so much pain and frustration at their situation that you just want to shake the characters --- especially her.

What I didn't like -
Sometimes Kiera seemed too naive and wishy washy but I know it was all a part of building up the angst she was enduring and the author was telling a tale of a young girl who had a lot of growing up to do. She did more blushing than seemed possible and it got annoying at times.

I didn't like what she and Kellan were doing to Denny. I hated them when they were doing it right under his nose. But I wanted them together. At some points I hoped it would be discovered that Denny was actually cheating on her and that Kellan knew this and that's why he was betraying his friend --- and falling for Kiera. But Denny wasn't cheating and he was just a good guy. But sweet and caring Denny surprised everyone with his reaction about the affair when it came out.

What I liked - Kellan. Kellan was so attractive and vivid. At times I thought the author had him show too much emotion but that was kind of loveable at the same time. And the love scenes. It scooped you up and made you hold your hand to your heart. You wanted to rescue him and love him yourself!

But I rooted for all of them for them all to have closure and happiness at the end. Read it. But don't make any plans once you start because everything else will have to wait. It's nice and long and overall very well written. It's very different from the style in Conversion --- which is good. I like that the author was able to make Kiera sound very different from Emma. There were a few overlaps in bad writing habits (like repetitive use of certain words and actions) but all in all, I'd give this book a thumbs up.

Overall Rating --- 4 out of 5 for the book, 5 out of 5 for Kellan!!

Next on the reading list:
I'm now reading Effortless - S.C. Stephens' sequel to Thoughtless so will come back with a review on it when I'm done.

Buy Thoughtless by SC Stephens

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Today's dinner: Lemon Poppy Chicken Breasts. My recipe: http://ping.fm/uJtZv

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Writing an internet mkt'g ebook today and making beef dip sandwiches for dinner. These are SO awesome. My recipe: http://ping.fm/IU52B

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Today: writing about charity, pollution, internet marketing and candida. Editing about hypnosis and appliances. Plus lots of delegating!!

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Chick Lit

I love chick lit and this blog is going to be dedicated to some of my favourite chick literature and to my quest to become published in this genre. Girls' Weekend is my work in progress novel and I look forward to sharing the journey of writing it with you as well as talking about some great books in this genre.